Fourteen basic principles to increase value of plastic waste

The process of plastic waste can and should become a source of resources and information.

In managing plastic waste we should have these goals:

  1. Maximize value.
  2. Minimize the administrative resources used in plastic waste
  3. Improve cash flow by selling resources
  4. Minimize waste area in warehouse
  5. Keep areas clean and neat maintaining the image of the company
  6. Generate waste statistics

It is important to find a reliable company to help manage or buy waste; by doing this, recollections can be planned allowing us to establish the space needed for its storage.

If you establish clear policies in the management of waste it is possible to create statistics which indicate how efficiently you are operating the plant and the possibility to alert if some process gets out of control.

Orderly management of plastic waste facilitates quality certification process, helps maintain a good image of the company and enables clients to trust us.

14 Tips to optimize plastic waste value:

  1. Avoid contamination by keeping different grades and plastics separated
  2. Provide separate containers clearly marked for each material during process
  3. Avoid contamination when grinding with separate grinders or by cleaning each one thoroughly before a resin change; define cleaning procedures
  4. When volume is justifiable grinders should be put at side of processing machines
  5. Never mix materials with and without fillings even if they are of the same family. Try to maintain materials of different sources and grades separate
  6. Do not mix materials with print, paint, metal or pure material inserts
  7. Always try to maintain materials separated by colors-at least, naturals from black; do not mix light colors and black and white

    Prices decrease in following order::
  8. Use good quality packing to avoid damage during transportation
  9. Fill bags or boxes to 100% capacity-It avoids major expenses during transportation and storage. If packages are partially filled, mark it explicitly
  10. Mark all packages clearly to avoid confusion
       Marking procedure type
       Origin (if possible)
  11. When materials are to be stored and/or shipped, number items and make a detailed list of bundles and weights with material description
  12. When selling, make the most detailed and specific list possible; quantity, colors, degrees, etc.
  13. Before selling to the best bidder, ask for references and verify this is a trustworthy client
  14. Before delivering verify:
       Client and delivery address data
       Invoice information
       Date and hour of delivery and reception
       Payment guarantee
       Payment conditions
       Who unloads and what is needed to do it (fork –lift)

Following these principles will maximize potential benefits of your plastic waste.