Quality policies

Recuperadora y Maquiladora de Plasticos, S.A. de C.V., seeks to exceed our clients expectations in service, quality and price and always looking to improve our capacities and team work.

Environmental policies

  • Prevent contamination of Air, Soil and Water Controlling emissions.
  • We are engaged in the promotion of environmental protection urging our personnel to abide by the Ecological culture.
  • Legal environmental requirements and all others concerning our services are totally fulfilled.
  • Promote and maintain our personnel health and security.
  • Make sure our resources are used effectively.
  • Our environmental administration system is constantly revised to be improved and meet our goals.


Recuperadora y Maquiladora de Plasticos, S.A. de C.V. seeks to be a leader in the market of recycled materials, offering our clients the best products.

Achieving the satisfaction and development of our personnel and maximizing the profits of our shareholders.


Attain leadership in buying, selling and recycling of thermoplastics, specializing in engineering plastics.


  • Integrity
  • Quality and Service
  • Team Work
  • Cooperation and loyalty
  • Always trying to improve with additional effort
  • Fair treatment
  • Initiative and productivity
  • Good care of our work environment
  • Good care of the environment